Tummy tuck


Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is a form of cosmetic surgery aimed at removing excess skin and fat, which restores the flaccidity of straight abdominal muscles separated or weakened by pregnancy most of the time. The results of the Tummy tuck are a firm and smooth abdominal profile.

We must be clear that a tummy tuck is never performed as an alternative to fast weight loss. We must be aware that it is a surgical intervention important, not in a way to lose weight. It is not equal to liposuction, although sometimes these two operations can be combined to perform at the same time

What to expect after surgery?

After the Tummy tuck intervention, the patient must stay in the hospital or clinic under observation for as long as the doctor deems necessary. As in any surgical operation, it is normal feel pain in the hours or days after it, so the doctor will prescribe painkillers if necessary. For better results after Tummy tuck, it is necessary to wear a belt of the abdomen during the first two or three weeks after the intervention.

Exercise should not be done in the next four to six weeks, and return to normal working life can take two or four weeks.

    The night before surgery

    • Eat something soft the night before the procedure.

    • Do not eat or drink anything after 10:00 pm.

    • Do not take any medication unless it is prescribed by your doctor.

    • Remove the nail polish.

      In the surgical area

      • Do not shave or apply moisturizing lotion.

      • Do not use makeup for the hospital.

      • Wear loose clothing or buttons on the front.

      • Leave jewelry and other valuables at home.

      • Arrive at the clinic at least one hour before the scheduled surgery.

      • The day of surgery should bring a companion.