Breast reduction


Breast Reduction

Surgical technique designed to reduce the size of a breast. The reduction and remodeling of the breast is done through the removal of skin, breast tissue and fat, thus obtaining a size and shape more consistent with the rest of the body.

Breast hypertrophy is an important aesthetic problem that in Sometimes it can limit certain aspects of the patient’s life, both physical activities and in their social life.

Do I qualify for a Breast Reduction?

At the first visit, the surgeon will assess:

  • Size and shape of the breasts
  • Type of skin (young people have smoother, more elastic skin and a great capacity for retraction, which allows for techniques with minimal incisions)
  • Consistency of the mammary gland
  • Height of the areola-nipple complex and location
  • Asymmetries in the thorax
  • General condition of the patient (allergies, diseases, taking medication, toxic habits such as smoking, etc.)

A breast examination will be performed (sometimes it will be necessary to request additional tests such as chest CT or mammography). It is important that the patient explain to her surgeon the expectations she intends with this surgery. A preoperative study will be necessary that will be based on a general analysis with coagulation tests, chest X-rays and an ECG.

It will also be necessary to suspend AAS and derivatives or other anticoagulants about 10 days before the intervention (supervised by your GP) and the minimum abstention from smoking 3 weeks before.

    The night before surgery

    • Eat something soft the night before the procedure.

    • Do not eat or drink anything after 10:00 pm.

    • Do not take any medication unless it is prescribed by your doctor.

    • Remove the nail polish.

      In the surgical area

      • Do not shave or apply moisturizing lotion.

      • Do not use makeup for the hospital.

      • Wear loose clothing or buttons on the front.

      • Leave jewelry and other valuables at home.

      • Arrive at the clinic at least one hour before the scheduled surgery.

      • The day of surgery should bring a companion.