Botulinum Toxin


Botulinum Toxin

The botulinum contoxin treatment (popularly known as botox) is one of the most demanded nowadays.

Botox treats facial wrinkles, specifically: “on the forehead, the ‘lion wrinkle’ between the eyes and in the center of the forehead, the ‘legs’ of rooster ‘in the angle of the eyelids and the old age lines in the angles of the lips. “In addition, Botox can also be applied to the muscular cords of the neck.

How long do the effects last of Botox?

Between four and six months, at which time it is advisable to repeat the treatment to promote good results, the toxin acts in the long term ‘educating’ the muscles to contract with less force and soften wrinkles. It is not necessary to wait for a specific time, after the first injection you can redo the treatment once the results are finished.

From what age can it be applied?

From the age of 25 to prevent wrinkles, Botox can be used. Although the usual thing is that the patients go to the clinics when they already have wrinkles and marked lines of expression.